Accessing P-20W Data

The P-20W Data System is a statewide longitudinal data system that includes de-identified data about people's early childhood, educational, and workforce experiences and performances. The data are collected and linked from existing state agency data systems. It includes data about the kinds of services they receive, programs in which they participate, and their academic performance and program or degree completion. It also includes a variety of demographic data so we are able to look at a variety of different groups of people. Personally identifiable information, such as names, social security numbers, addresses, and other data which can identify a person as an individual, are not part of the research database.

At regular intervals during the year, partner agencies submit their data for inclusion into the P-20W longitudinal database. We then process the data, and merge it into the main data warehouse.

The process of cleaning and matching cross-sector data is a complex set of activities. These activities have been designed and developed over multiple iterations of data linking. We include an audit and review process as the final step to ensure quality before the data is allowed to enter the final production environment.

To request data from the ERDC, please complete the request form below. Other resources include data sharing requirements and data availability matrix.