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What is the ERDC?

RCW 43.41.400 established the Education Research & Data Center (ERDC) in the Washington State Office of Financial Management (OFM). In collaboration with statutory partner agencies, representing education and employment, and the Legislative Evaluation and Accountability Program (LEAP) committee, ERDC conducts analyses of early learning, K-12, and higher education programs and education and workforce issues across the P-20 system.

ARRA SLDS Grant Conference

ERDC is hosting this event for people to learn about the new systems and processes created as a result of 2009 ARRA Statewide Longitudinal Data System grant from the Department of Education.Ā Attendees will learn about the data and information now available and tools that partner agencies have created to enhance data quality and data access. Click here for more information.

Key Education Indicators

The 2013 edition of "Key Education Indicators: A Compendium" has been released. The 2013 Compendium provides timely information about the educational statuses, characteristics and transitions of Washington's students from the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program through Doctoral and First Professional Degrees in high demand fields.

The 2013 volume updates the 2010 Compendium, and has been expanded to include new sections on postsecondary college-going and undergraduate degree completion, highlighting current and ongoing P-20 longitudinal, cross-sector research.

The 2013 Compendium was created by the Education Research & Data Center, a division of the Office of Financial Management. The Compendium was developed in collaboration with P-20 stakeholders. Funding was provided through an American Reinvestment and Recovery Act grant.

P-20W Education Data Project

Work continues on the U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences $17.3 million ARRA P-20W SLDS grant.

Workforce Data Quality Initiative (wDQI) Grant

Washington is one of 12 states to receive funding through the Department of Labor for building or enhancing longitudinal databases of workforce data and linking them to education data. [more]

Accessing De-Identified P-20W Data

The ERDC can help researchers and policy analyst get access to data in several ways. We've established a library of resources to help facilitate access to existing data, and also created resources to help understand the kinds of information that are available through the ERDC and the process to obtain custom data requests.