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6 years after earning an associate degree, males earn (on average) $20,000 more than high school-only workers, while female workers do not start earning more until their sixth year.

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What Is the ERDC?

What is the Education Research and Data Center?

We link education and workforce data from multiple state agencies, and transform this into insights that inform Washington decision-makers. This protects privacy by providing one place for people to find information for cross-sector research.

Recent Updates

ERDC Partners with Washington SAC to Produce Report on Juvenile Justice Outcomes

The ERDC has partnered with the Washington Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) to prepare and publish the Juvenile Justice Standardized Report. The study discovered that those who had contact with the juvenile justice system were much less likely to graduate from high school or attend a four-year institution.

New Study Published on Pathway to Bachelor's Degree

Greg Weeks and Toby Paterson completed a study on the differences in income earned by workers who went directly into a four year university, and those who first enrolled in a community college and then transferred.

Washington State OSPI and ERDC Awarded 2015 SLDS Grant

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, in collaboration with the Education Research and Data Center, was recently awarded a $7 million four-year Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) grant.

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